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    Transform your wellbeing

What We Do

Nutritional Expertise

Our nutritionist will guide you through the mass of conflicting information available regarding diet. You will learn the best way to eat based on your personal genetics rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Whether your goal is health, fitness or weight focused our nutritionist will guide, support and motivate you towards it.


Once the right nutrition is is place you will be amazed just how good your body is designed to feel. Our qualified personal trainers can create personalised programs for you either in person or via home based training videos to help you take your health to the next level.

Results Tracking

Once you begin one of our programmes you will receive continued guidance and support to ensure your personal goals are reached and exceeded. Your progress is tracked and monitored in order to keep you focused on the end result.


Click the links below to see the results that our clients achieve. They are often busy parents and Entreprenuers that are prepared to prioritise their health and wellbeing for both themselves and their families. 


Why Us

Connecting the dots

You might be smashing your targets in the gym but research indicates that what you eat may be the difference between meeting your goals and falling short. We connect the dots that are so often missing between personal training / online coaching and personalised nutrition.

Get the right mindset

Training your mind to think right is one of the most powerful things a person can do.  By working with our qualified hypnotherapist you can gain the best possible mind-set to achieve and sustain your goals.

Programs that actually work

Because our programs are based around nutrition, mindset and fitness training, if you follow our instruction you WILL hit your goals. This coupled with the ability to help you train your mind is a guaranteed winning recipe.


Increase Productivity


DNA Testing

Whether you’re looking to increase muscle, decrease fat or just want to optimise your nutrition, your genetics hold valuable information about the best way to do this. By doing a DNA FIT Test you will be given all of the answers you have been searching for.

Food Intolerance Testing

45% of the population have an intolerance to at least one type of food. By undergoing a food intolerance blood test you can identify yours and have definitive results within 10 days.
Knowing your food sensitivities and incorporating a sensible management plan will alleviate pain and discomfort and achieve your goals much faster.

Be more efficent

Once we know how your specific body functions, we can make a personalised programme suited to you, allowing for maximum results in the minimum time. This is offered to clients both in person and online.

Working Hard For You

We are always working hard to make sure our clients are getting the best results.

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Happy Customers

“Before I started with Mind & Body Detox I felt like losing weight was a confusing and difficult process but they have opened my eyes to exactly how it works for me"



  • " The results were astounding. I feel far fitter and stronger than I ever have before. "
  • " My friends and family have been blown away with my results "
  • " Detailed, relevant and easy to follow. I have come away with some fantastic notes and 'to do' list which I have already started working on. Small changes can make a big impact. I'm really inspired. "
    seminar attendee
  • " Lovely team and power couple! Would recommend if you are struggling. Jaclyn is a positive person to be around and provides ongoing support whenever it's needed. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Jaclyn will help to change the way you think in a way that will move you forwards. "
  • " I recently had some hypnotherapy with Jaclyn to help with my motivation at work. I feel refreshed, focused and highly motivated, which is essential as I am self employed. I can't recommend her enough. "
    Jacqueline Gray
  • " Started working with both Jaclyn and James around six months ago and my results have been fantastic. I've lost nearly two stone and have much more energy since my diet has changed.Their advice and enthusiasm is Infectious, and the combination with nutrition and fitness is just what i needed as I was feeling sluggish and tired. Cannot recommend them enough and it's a real life changer. "
  • " I have been running my own business as a business mentor, consultant and trainer for a number of years now, but in the last five-years changes in the way I work with clients meant that I became almost totally sedentary; going days on end with hardly any activity at all. As someone who had previously been relatively fit – regular visits to the gym, lots of walking etc. – I knew that this could not go on for much longer without seriously affecting my wellbeing. I met James through the nutrition work I am doing with Jaclyn Dunne of Mind and Body Detox. From day 1 it was clear James is the right person to work with me to get my fitness back on track. His approach is incredibly supportive and he takes time to explain why we are doing certain exercises in a particular way, as well as how to get the most out of each exercise routine. I love the practicality of much of the work we do together and have been able to incorporate many of the exercises into mundane daily activity such as loading / unloading the washing machine and putting away the shopping. I didn’t embark on this programme to lose weight; I wanted to get fitter. The outcome is that my weight has changed slightly (I’ve lost about 7lbs); but the biggest difference for me has been my body shape because I am now able to wear clothes that had become ‘snug’. It’s been a massive leap forward in a very short space of time. From the first session with James 8-weeks ago – when I could hardly raise my arms above my head, do a half-squat of lift 2.5kg – I am now doing a full range of body movements and lifting over of 45kg." "
    Little Piggy
  • " "When I first met Jaclyn I was impressed by her knowledge as a nutritionist, but what made me decide that she was the person I wanted to work with to help me un-do more than 50 years of eating behaviour, was her no-nonsense, easy to implement approach. I was suffering from severe sinus problems, erratic sleeping patters, lack of concentration and peaks and troughs of energy. In the three months I have been following the nutrition programme created for me by Jaclyn my sinus problems have reduced, I am sleeping for at least six-hours per night (rather than the previous 3-hours); my energy levels are far more consistent and my concentration levels have improved also. Jaclyn talks about the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ – a method of transitioning from one eating pattern to another; she is also incredibly practical. She knows that most of us have busy lives so can’t spend our time hunting high and low for different food-stuffs; that’s where her shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes, using ingredients easily purchased in high-street supermarkets, are so helpful. The saying is “we are what we eat”; working with Jaclyn has demonstrated that those words are not a cliché – and I am befitting from the results." "
    Little Piggy
  • " I have been doing some HITT workouts but I thought your's was much better than I've found on youtube and can't wait to receive your video version for my colleagues and I to use. "
    Dr S. Wimalasundera PD Clinical Science Associate
  • " I attended an incredible nutrition workshop today with the amazing Jaclyn Dunne & husband James. The information I learnt literally blew my mind - I couldn't write quick enough. Thank you so much Jaclyn & James for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all! The more I learn the more passionate I become about wanting to help people take back control of their own health & reduce their toxic load just like I have! I can't wait to start sharing what I've learnt "
    Tivey's Touch
  • " Mind and Body Detox came into School and gave an excellent and insightful talk to our elite sportsmen and women. Both James and Jaclyn have outstanding knowledge and understanding of nutrition and exercise, proved extremely valuable to our pupils, equipping them with information about how to not only improve their general lifestyles but also their performances on the sports field. "
    Mr Adams
    Forest School
  • " I went to a Nutrition talk on Saturday at the Saracens Head with Josh in conjunction with MRFA. It was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend that we get these guys down to give a talk to the kids at our club, I have already mentioned it to quite a few coaches and they are all very interested. Can we please put it on the agenda for the next meeting so I can explain more to yourselves and the other members of our club? "
    Mr Valks
  • " These two guys are amazing! Great people , great minds , great outlook on life , they make everything possible with their knowledge and their positive attitude on life itself , when you contact James or Jaclyn they will open your eyes to a new way in thinking about your lifestyle filled with a new fresh positive outlook on your everyday life #boom "
  • " Two months in, 10 Kg lighter, 4” off my waist and similar for other offending parts of the body! Muscle up and body fat down. Is it easy? An emphatic “no”, but with James training, mentoring and motivating, it is more than possible. James has been brilliant and I would recommend him all day long. Today my gym session was done wearing a jacket weighing 10Kg. So tough, but that was where I started. A great lesson! There is much more to do, and I really hope James will continue to feature in my journey. "
    Neville Prior